No pet should be without a home.

Mission Statement

We are A 501(c)(3) foundation with the sole purpose of raising funds to help homeless, abused, and in need pets, and pet rescue organizations within the Tri-County area.

Our mission is to save as many animals from high-kill shelters and horrible living conditions that many find themselves in either by neglect, abandonment, natural disasters, unscrupulous hobby breeders, hoarding houses, and puppy mills.

Our foundation is a completely volunteer organization with all of the profits going to the causes of animals that have no voice to help themselves. Your donations will be spent responsibly. All donations will go to further the mission of this foundation. Nothing will be wasted or used for any other endeavor or to pay salaries of board members.

We have established a strong network of animal welfare organizations that are committed to saving the lives of homeless pets through effective adoption, transportation, medical voucher, and spay-neuter programs.

Achieving a time when there are no homeless pets is the mission of Dr. Donna’s Pet Foundation. We are working with humane groups all across the Tri-County area to bring about a time when homeless, abandoned animals are no longer being needlessly destroyed in shelters and mistreated within our communities.

We are working to end the killing of healthy pets in our shelters located in the Tri-County area through a variety of partnerships in the community and education of the over-population problem to the public at large.

Dr. Donna’s Pet Foundation is an organization committed to leading the way to changing legislation and to champion for stronger laws and enforcement of those laws for abusers of animal rights.