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Some of Our Goals

We want to help increase the number of animals who are getting out of shelters and into homes, and decrease the number of animals going into shelters. Our foundation is designed to help achieve these goals through programs designed to decrease the overall population of strays found on our streets and developing a better and bigger foster/rescue network that will ease the burden on the individual shelters. One way is to develop an interstate and intrastate transport of dogs and cats to approved rescues and shelters throughout the east coast.

We would like to utilize the existing large volunteer transport groups in conjunction with the rescue programs in the three counties to help transport animals across city and state lines to qualified rescues who have space, therefore, lessening the burden on the full shelters here. If necessary, purchase transport vans in order to transfer animals to other rescues and shelters to augment the volunteer group’s efforts.

Coordinate a list of all legitimate 501(c)(3) rescues in the state and along the eastern seaboard and add them to the existing email blast of potential rescuers to facilitate the overload of animals in our shelters. The purchased transport vehicles and the volunteer transport groups can deliver the animals to those rescues.

Create a Tri-County Commission of all shelters (kill and no-kill) to better facilitate the handling of over-population within each shelter by transporting vs. euthanizing animals when one shelter is full.

We also are striving to change current legislation in the Tri-County area to make all shelters non-kill facilities meaning that no healthy adoptable pet will be euthanized.

We would like to see Broward Humane Society begin accepting stray dogs and not sending them to Broward County Animal Control (which they do now) where they could be killed due to overcrowding. In addition, we would like Broward Humane to use the space they have to house animals in our cities and not accept animals from other countries.

We would like to have the Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach County Commissions enact a mandatory one dollar per month tax fee to be added to each county resident’s water bills, which will be dedicated to new animal shelter programs and over-population issues.

We would like to see the all county shelters implement basic screenings of potential adopters of the animals housed in their facilities to protect them from possible undesirable homes. The basic screening would include a background check for violent crime history, employment, and rental/home compatibility.

We will have programs and literature to educate the public at large as to the necessity for responsible pet ownership and the need for spay and neutering and health concerns such as heartworm medication. We would like to see the shelters mandate a 10-minute pet educational class video that would be shown to all people adopting a dog or cat from the shelters that will address these issues.

We will develop an outreach program to educate the public at large and go into impoverished areas and offer spay and neuter services at no cost. We also will include a program to trap neuter and release our over populated cat populations living in our streets.

We would like the shelters to make microchipping mandatory for owners who retrieve their lost dogs.

We will fight to see the end of puppy mills.

We will lobby for the right of animals to strengthen laws for anyone who abuses, neglects or abandons animals in a situation where the animal would become gravely sick or die without intervention.