Outreach to our community is an integral part of our organization

Community involvement is essential in implementing our outreach programs. The Foundation will be going out into our communities, including lower income communities, to involve and educate them on the necessities of proper healthcare, neutering and spaying their animals, and provide the funding for some of these programs. Heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention and proper nutrition must be taught to lessen the health issues and over-population in these areas. Educational materials will be distributed to teach these residents and inform them of upcoming classes that will include training dogs, healthcare, and responsible ownership. We will also educate the public on the necessity for micro-chipping and inform them of the need for collars or halters.

We will also help integrate animals that would normally be euthanized as not adoptable back into homes by having them evaluated by animal behavioral specialists. They will evaluate each dog individually so that they can be placed back into the home environment. We will also teach responsible parenting of breeds classified as dangerous dogs by involving trainers who are educated and trained in animal behaviors.

We need to reach out to community leaders and business owners who can help with support, both financially and offering endorsements to help us add programs, facilities, and develop new legislation.

When people come together with a desire to help and have a commitment in their hearts for our community of four-legged residents, things can happen…with the right plan, the right ideas and, and the right leadership!