What is a Feral Cat?2017-08-24T17:52:41+00:00

A feral cat is a cat that was born outside, that is not used to interacting with humans. Feral cats live in groups called “colonies.” They may set up a household in a backyard, wooded area or just about any space where there is a source of food and shelter from the sun and rain. They live off of food scraps found in the garbage, small prey, or handouts from their human neighbors.

Virtually every neighborhood in Broward County has feral cats. In fact, estimates are that there are more than 300,000 feral cats living among us. A female feral cat can give birth to hundreds of kittens in her lifetime. To maintain a healthy animal community, it is important that the population of feral cats be controlled.

Studies show that sterilization is the first line of defense in controlling a feral cat population. Through a responsible sterilization program, our foundation seeks to control the number of feral cats in our community, so that the existing population can thrive and age naturally.