Parenting Classes for Dog and Cat Owners2017-08-24T17:53:28+00:00

Parenting Classes for Dog and Cat Owners

We would like to see the shelters mandate a 10-minute pet educational class video that would be shown to all people adopting a dog or cat from the shelters.

The video should address important information about healthcare such as the need for heartworm prevention, regular teeth cleaning and veterinary checks.

Specific breeds of dogs and cats have their own quirks and necessities. Some are prone to skin infections and allergies, some are more nervous breeds that require more one-on-one attention. Others have food and animal aggression issues. In addition to viewing the video, educational materials should be handed out to the respective owners to address these issues.

We will fund pet behavior classes that would be offered to those owners to address the proper training that these special dogs will need to avoid the large frustrated owner returns due to training issues.