Tragically, 4 million of these homeless pets are killed each year in America’s shelters.

More than 7 animals per minute are killed in shelters unnecessarily across the country. That means more than 9000 animals per day.

Tri-County Statistics For 2019

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Miami Dade Animal Control

Broward County Animal

Broward Humane Society

Palm Beach County Animal Control

Dr. Donna’s Pet Foundation is proposing to create a dedicated source of funding for free and low cost spay and neuter surgeries, to reduce the over population entering in to the shelters. In addition, we will create a better communication system between the shelters and existing rescue organizations to be able to transfer more animals to other facilities to lessen the high kill rates that exist now. This will help in our goal to end the killing of healthy shelter animals in the Tri-County area.

Top reasons pets become homeless

  • Divorce or Breakup
  • Foreclosure
  • Death in Family
  • Economic Problems
  • No I.D.
  • Minor Behavior Problems